Ashirah, Director of Customer Happiness

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I joined to make sure our fabulous Creators get to spend the bulk of their valuable time doing what they love and do best. I’ve worked in this role in some iteration over the last 10 years, from startups to corporate giants. Keeping customers happy and thriving is my specialty. 

I fell in love with from the initial concept. Not only was the vision of the company sexy af, but the founders are awesome as well, and I really got their commitment to the adult creator community from the onset. 

I’ve always been drawn to all the different expressions of sensuality adult creators express, and I love to see people making money on their own terms. A space where adult creators are protected and prioritized on the internet has been so desperately needed…that’s a reality I get to be a part of. 

In an increasingly capitalist world, it is important to me that a company prioritizes its people and customers over money. does that and does it well. Along with paying creators fairly for their content, also offers profit-sharing with its Creators. AND, tithes a portion of their profits to organizations which support the community. 

Our commitment to serving our peeps is just unmatched, and I’m proud to be a part of this paradigm-shifting platform. I’m accessible all over the internet @ashirahxo – here are my Twitter and IG.

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