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Originally from South Africa, I moved to Europe about 13 years ago. I have worked in Digital Marketing and Project Management for about 10 years. 

In Barcelona, I met our CEO Donia Love, who introduced me to the Adult industry, and shared with me the issues and preconceptions which litter society’s perceptions about this industry. I have since become a passionate advocate and ally of the industry; I am thrilled to be a part of this movement towards a change for the better – for the industry, and how it is perceived. 

When Donia told me about this project and invited me to be a part of it, I jumped at the opportunity. I believe strongly in the values and ambition of the project and its Team, and how it can ultimately help people. I truly feel this will be a successful endeavor.

To the Peep.me Team, I bring organization and perspective, plus a bunch of marketing and management experience. To our Users, I hope to be able to facilitate a user-friendly, adaptable environment, where they can truly thrive.

I will always be curious and involved in hearing how people experience our platform, how and where we can improve site functions, and be more inclusive / diverse. I hope to see Peep.me become a blazing force within the Adult industry, empowering Creators who use the platform, as well as educate Fans and Creators alike.

If you’d like, please follow me at @raviolea on both Twitter and IG.


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