Syd Devereaux, Director of Edutainment

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I’m Syd, the Mistress of’s Edutainment Department. I make content in hopes of showing creators, both new and veteran, how to navigate our site in the most beneficial ways possible, as well as tips and tricks to make their content look pretty and unique to their brand. 

I’ve been in entertainment and modeling online (and otherwise) since 2005. I’m a traveling international burlesque performer, producer of shows, ex-blogger (soon to be rectified), and sexy solo content creator. I guess a big highlight in my career was being introduced by John Waters at a festival. In general, I’ve been blessed by people I respect greatly through collaborating with them on projects that can better communities and bring joy to people. 

I was approached by the CEO of Peep with the concept for a site which was by and for adult creators, and she wanted me to join the team as the “edutainment captain,” due to what she’d seen me create, digitally and on stages around the world, as an entertainer.

Since I’ve been a producer for nearly a decade now, my brain is hardwired to see projects like a movie – I am thinking about how things look, how they feel, the best way to make that happen, and the best people to make that happen with. It’s a great joy to put together shows, and now that so much of our life is even more online than ever, I look forward to the challenge of creating content which empowers our creators to use all the tools we have available, disseminate useful information about the industry, and, in general, help other sex workers elevate their work & their lives. 

I’ve been an artist for ages, and I’m obsessed with the aesthetics and joy of a project. What I mean by that is: 

  • “How do I make this look beautiful?”
  • “When I create this, am I having fun?”
  • “Is this something I would like to see in general?” 

I want to bring a tangible joy and a lightness to sex work, and to help those who are interested in this type of work have the resources to do it as well, in their own unique ways. 

I want to see a safe space for Creators. I know what it’s like to be locked out and kicked off of various platforms, just for being a sexy woman, and I want people to be able to safely monetize their content. I hope we are able to meet the needs of sex workers all over the world, while also being able to give back to our communities and raise social consciousness around our work.

You can find me on Twitter mostly: @SydniDeveraux, but a good link to have for me is



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